Skilled Not Ill is a Philadelphia social club with a focus on self-improvement and positivity that brings people together in 1-hour lighthearted social events to teach practical, simple, and easy-to-use mental wellness skills. We're like a gym for your brain.

The market we serve is people who are living well and want to stay that way, by being around positive-minded people and learning helpful strategies for everyday life.

Important: We don't allow negative vibes or provide emotional support. Please work with a medical professional until you feel stable enough to socialize.


We host in-person events in Philadelphia in order to give you different choices for spending your time, instead of going to bars or staying home and isolating all the time. Our recurring event called 'Skill & Chill' is a casual, lighthearted, 1-hour workshop on a particular mental wellness skill. We offer new skills each week, rotating through a rich library of over 40 of them.

In addition, we host periodic parties, organize group volunteer outings, and provide relaxation opportunities such as watercolor and meditation.

Coming soon: life coaching. Check back soon.


We're here to make you laugh, not bum you out. In fact, super serious topics are strictly forbidden in order to keep everyone comfortable and happy. Everything we do is kept light, positive, and forward-focused.


This is NOT therapy, one-on-one counseling, psychiatry, support groups, or any other form of clinical mental health services.

Do not come to any of our events if you are in a negative head-space or are feeling emotional unwell.

Medical professionals are not present at our events - there are a multitude of service providers in the Philadelphia area who cater those kinds of needs, but we are not one of them.

We make a great addition to, but not a replacement for, your existing mental healthcare routine - whatever that is for you as an individual. Whether or not you're currently seeking mental health services, it must be done outside of Skilled Not Ill HQ.

It is critically important to us that we keep you safe and make this message loud and clear.


Our goal is to incorporate weekly doses of laughter, skills, and a wide network of good people into your personal healthcare routine - whatever that is. Every one of our 500+ community members is unique, and so are you. It's important that you get the help you need outside of our groups, and then you can use SKILLED NOT ILL as a place to brighten up your day, relax, meet kind people who wouldn't dream of judging you, and keep the positivity and motivation going within yourself.

We are rooting for you.